Sylvie Riches


About the Artist

Sylvie Riches is a French born artist who discovered ceramics while doing a Visual Arts degree at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. She then learnt from local Perth potters. During a trip back to France in 2017, she attended various workshops developing new hand building and decorative techniques which greatly influenced her style. She draws her inspiration from contemporary designs as well as ancient and ethnic pottery and carvings. Her patience, persistence and attention to details as well as her desire to keep learning and extending herself in ceramics means that Sylvie is slowly establishing a distinctive style of exquisite pieces.

the work

Sylvie works with terra cotta and stoneware clays.

The decorative technique used to produce her small terra cotta bowls is called "terre repoussée" in French, literally translating as "pushed back earth". Making a bowl with this technique can take up to a day as hundreds of interventions are required to create the designs. 

Her small bowls with the terre repoussée designs are wheel thrown while others pieces are mostly hand built.

Events and Exhibitions

Exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre

10th November - 20th December, 2018 Materiality

Mundaring Arts Centre,

7190 Great Eastern Highway,

Corner of Nichol Street,

Mundaring WA 6073

Cup competition 2021

Winner of Australian Tea Cultural Society cup competition